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Detailed Analysis of Nav Coin

Hi /CryptoCurrency
I want to start off with saying that I don't try to shill this coin. This should be viewed as a summary of points why I personally think, Nav Coin will blow up in 2018.
This is no financial advise. Like always, do your own research!
Disclaimer: I own a fair amount of Nav Coins myself.

1. What is Nav Coin

Nav Coin has been publicly traded since mid 2014. It's a decentralized cryptocurrency which is built on the latest version of Bitcoin Core with many additional features and functionalities which differentiate Nav from other cryptocurrencies. I'm going to dive into the details of these features later on in this post.
The aim of Nav Coin is to simplify cryptocurrencies. In my opinion, this (the mainstream-adoption) is one of the most important topics for all cryptocurrencies in general. Nav is directly adressing this issue by providing very easy to use tools (wallet, mobile wallet, etc.).

1.1 Facts & Figures

Additionally, Craig talked about adding Nav Coin to Binance in an interview with The Crypto Lark (I've linked the interview below).

2. Meet the team

The Nav team is known to always deliver what they promise. Lately in the crypto-scene we've seen a trend to shill features/news on websites with counters like "We will do X in Y days" etc. which hardly ever get delivered.
The Nav team is different. They don't set themselves hard timelines (at least not publicly) but rather take the time needed to finish a feature, test it (also in public beta tests) and only when it really is done, release it into the public.
Like I said before, this team has a history of delivering things they promise. You can see for yourself in the project roadmap. They are working hard every day (as you can see on their GitHub page) to push forward the project.

2.1 Engineers

Nav Coin has a team with many different knowledge backgrounds. The chief engineer is Craig MacGregor. He recently did an extensive interview about the current state and future of Nav Coin with the youtuber The Crypto Lark which you can find here: Interview.
Craig MacGregor is supported by five more engineers, that are actively developing Nav Coin.

2.2 Marketing Director

Just recently, Nav Coin hired Kieren Hyland and Laura Harris as full-time employees.
In my opinion, marketing was something that could have been done more / better by Nav Coin. Since Kieren and Laura joined full-time, they are actively developing a marketing plan and give updates on the current state of it (like recently on reddit: Update from the marketing team. I think the lack of awareness is one of the main reasons, why Nav Coin is still very undervalued at the moment.

2.3 Operations Manager

Guy Sinclair is in charge of the operations (like distribution of NavPis etc. which I will talk about later).

2.4 Weekly updates

The team writes a weekly update for the community every wednesday and publishes it on the website so that everyone interested can always see the latest status of the projects.

3. Features and functionalities

3.1 Basis features of Nav Coin

3.1.1 Optional Private Payments

With Nav Coin you have the ability to send private payments. Like the title says, this is optional so you can choose to send non-private or private payments. Nav Coin uses a different approach to achieving privacy than other coins. Nav uses the so called NavTech. NavTech is a dual blockchain system. Essentially, the transaction information is encrypted, split in smaller transactions and sent through a second blockchain, which completely breaks any links between the sending and the receiving address. If you're interested in this technology, you can read the whitepapers here: NavTech whitepaper - NavTech Decentralization whitepaper.
At the moment, private payments are processed by servers. Everyone can operate a server themselves or can use the existing ones. The team is working on NavTech 2.0 which will make these servers obsolete, since every wallet will act as a private payment processor which will further push the decentralization.

3.1.2 Proof of Stake

Nav Coin uses the consensus model Proof of Stake which lets holders of Nav Coins earn a reward of 5% in interest of the coin they stake. Staking coins is very simple, you just have to have the wallet open and running.
5% rewards also mean, that there is an inflation of maximum 5% per year. But it is actually lower (at around 2-3%) since not all coins are staking. So if you are staking, you will earn more than the yearly inflation.
Here is a very detailed article about how Nav Coins Proof of Stake works.

3.1.3 Fast transaction times

Nav Coin has a really fast block speed. Transactions are confirmed as spendable withing only 30 seconds which makes it ideal for retail and e-commerce which in my opinion is one of the main points in real-life adoption.

3.2 NavPi

Like mentioned above, Nav Coin uses a Proof of Stake consensus model. Most of us have read about the immense energy consumption of Bitcoins Proof of Work model. In my opinion, this is not feasible for the future. With the PoS model of Nav Coin, you can stake your coins on a Raspberry Pi which uses only about 18kWh of power annually if run 24/7! This is much more environment friendly!
Nav Coin even sells their own preconfigured and ready to use NavPi Stakeboxes. Since they're out of stock very fast every time, you can create your own NavPi by following the step-by-step tutorial of the community member navtechservers

3.3 Community Fund

Since Nav Coin did not have an ICO or premine, they're fully self financed at the moment. Currently, the community is voting about a community fund which will propel the development of Nav greatly.
If the community fund is implemented, the PoS reward will be reduced from 5% to 4% per year. Each block will generate 0.25 Nav which will be allocated for the community fund (about 21'600 Nav per month).
Both the Nav Coin team and the community will be able to propose projects and budgets which the community (the stakers) will vote for. The payouts happen when everyone votes that the work is completed. The aim of this is to fund the development and ongoing success of Nav. You can read more about it here.

3.4 NavPay

NavPay is Navs mobile wallet. It's currently in a final open public beta. It's one of the first mobile wallets that allow private payments. There are already real world merchants accepting Nav thanks to the NavPay app like Pasticceria Piemontese in rome and you can even pay for a cardiologic examination using Nav.
NavPay has a very simple and beautiful user interface. The final version is planned to be released before christmas 2017!

3.5 Polymorph

Polymorph is a feature which is planned to be launched in early 2018. It is a fusion of NavTech's anonymous transactions and Changelly's instant exchange which will enable users to send any one of 80+ cryptocurrencies anonymously through the dual blockchain powered NavTech anonymous transaction system!
Here is an example of how it is possible to send Bitcoin anonymously with Nav Coins Polymorph.
For the traders: Polymorph will greatly increase the volume for Nav.

3.6 Anonymous Distributed Apps (NavChain)

At this moment, Nav Coin is "just" a currency. But this is going to change in 2018. The team has recently finished with the planning of a Anonymous Distributed Apps Platform (aDapps) (think of Ethereum's smart contracts, but with privacy!). They are currently polishing and finishing the whitepaper which will be ready to be launched in early 2018. Craig will be developing a technical prototype with Alex in Berlin before christmas!
This project will change Nav Coin from a currency to a platform.

4. Community Channels

Channel Link
Reddit /navcoin
Twitter @NAVCoin
Facebook NAVCoin
Medium Nav-Coin
Discord NAVCoin
Telegram NAVCoin

5. Why I am heavily invested in Nav (TL;DR)

To summarize this post I've listed the main points why I think, Nav will be huge in 2018:
If you've made it down here, thanks for reading and please tell me your opinion about Nav Coin.
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Introducing The Blockchain Space
One really can't mention the wonderful technologies of our time without mentioning blockchain technology. One of the interesting things about this technology is the fact that developers with adequate knowledge can easily create any desired platform or network. Also, with Bitcoin being the first blockchain it made possible for transactions to take place on a peer-to-peer system, Ethereum on the other hand, created a blockchain through which upcoming platforms can easily launch on. This feat made possible by Ethereum led to the massive development of the crypto space as new projects were launched easily before moving to their respective blockchains as at when due. However, irrespective of the fact that there are many blockchain projects in this space, blockchain is yet to gain mainstream adoption owing to lack of speed, scalability and host of others. At the same, when taking a closer look at most projects we only end up seeing similarities with others, with only a few really living up to expectations.
Just like earlier stated, to launch or develop a blockchain platform, the developers or team in question need to have the adequate knowledge and experience, and as such the advent of a platform known as FUNCTION X.
About Function X Function X is a worldwide decentralized platform built by a team of high-class developers; with Function X being decentralized means it is based on blockchain and in addition to efficiency, Function X is also powered by smart devices. Just like every team embarking on a project will have an idea or vision on what they want, Function X team isn't an exemption; thus the goal of Function X team is to create a platform which will be based on blockchain thus having the capacity to be autonomous and decentralized in this way not requiring the services of any external individual or organization to operate. From Function X team's goal, it won't also be mistaken for saying that, Function X is built to be a blockchain platform which will be more than for financial transactions and transfers seen in other platforms but rather a platform for telephony, data transmission and storage as well as a host of other services.
Furthermore, unlike other blockchain platforms which are based on various blockchains such as Ethereum blockchain, EOS blockchain, Binance chain etc, Function X being already developed is on the process of creating its own blockchain known as Function X Chain or f(x) Chain. Function X Chain is a distributed ledger made up of consensus algorithms thus making the storage and verification of transactions such as payments, communication, DApps services etc possible.
What Function X Offers
Function X being built by a team of high-class developers is already developing its blockchain to solve the issue associated with current blockchains such as low speed etc thus leading to a better peer-to-peer network which is faster and more scalable. Like earlier stated, Function X Chain is made up of sets of consensus algorithms, in this case, the prominent Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) which is used owing to its low latency requirement.
In the same way, Function X offers an Operating System (OS) where IoTs and smart devices or hardware will be able to use the possibilities found in blockchain. In addition, not only will mobile phones utilize Function X OS, but companies also will be able to customize it to suit their needs.
Also, within Function X is its ecosystem which is decentralized of course thereby making the transmission of data to take place via public and private key data which are all encrypted. Being decentralized, it assures there is secured communication as well as data control by users.
Furthermore, to ensure a community which is filled with all levels of developers or users, Function X makes its platform to be easily accommodating and accessible, in this way, developers and users will be able to transit without issues. With Function X taking this step as well as making the development of DApps easy, developers and users will be able to share knowledge and experience about DApp and Android development.
There have been many platforms in this blockchain space, but none has been able to ensure the scalability of blockchain is achieved thus setting the path to blockchain adoption until the advent of Function X.
Furthermore, Function X stands out owing to its way of attracting developers and users in this process making the exchange of information possible while leading to the development of its platform. Function X being already developed has its token with ticker FX which is already listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Visit for more:
Concept Paper:
Btt: aemma
Btt link:;u=2328723
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AMA with Raullen on QUDEM {Transcript}

We would like to thank Qudem for inviting us and hosting this AMA session and community for asking such interesting and high-qualify questions!
See full review in our Blog
1. The price of your token continues to go down. What factors do you think influence it and what’s your strategy to keep holding communities attention? 2. Could you share more details about the marketplace you are working on? When is it going to be launched, what products will be there, etc? 3. When will you share the progress made so far with your announced partners?
For now the crypto market is a highly speculative market and the token price almost has nothing to do the projects’ progress for most of the projects. IoTeX is such an ambitious project that our goal is to change how the physical world works with the blockchain world and not a lot people can understand our vision and hold the belief of it. So it is not a surprise to me that speculative investors come and go rather than hodl. But I see more and more long term believers are joining us recently, no matter through investment, development and other forms of ways to work with us, which is super encouraging! In addition, it seems like we are in the initial phase of another bull run for the entire crypto market and usually bitcoin is taking the lead but more attention will be shifted to other projects once bitcoin finished its sprint. We have more focus on the underlying privacy/TEE technologies as for now which is innovative, unprecedented and not easy. Once the underlying hardware/protocol is stylized, we will kick off trusted data marketplace project. For partnering with other projects and companies, we are selective because we want to work with our partners seriously rather than for PR purposes. We are working with many projects such as Chainlink (we announced the partnership yesterday), Neutral dollar (stablecoin), Celer (l2 scaling), Harmony (zkp projects) and many other companies from the traditional world. As great and solid progress is made, we will make official announcements.
1. How many nodes do you have ? How many token do you need to run a node? And what are the rewards? 2. “IoTeX and Lineable hope to connect 1,000,000+ Lineable devices to the IoTeX blockchain in 2019.” What is the status thereof?
I assume you mean delegate nodes — globally we have ~60 delegates on-board and the top 36 of them are serving the network by producing and validating blocks. We specifically designed the low entry barrier for delegate candidates — one has to stake down 1.2M IOTX and get another 0.8M IOTX from others (including oneself) to be eligible as a delegate candidate. Check out the reward details here; my impression is that the annual return is 10% — 15%. Lineable project is going well. They will host their chain (for orchestrating lora gateways) within IoTeX network. We are kind of slow on the development of subchain SDK given other priorities; and we are actively staffing the team to have more hands working on the subchain SDK.
“How did you survive during a long bear market? What difficulties, if any, have been encountered in this period?” What has been the biggest technical challenge that you overcame this year? And what from your pov is the biggest one to come , this year and beyond? Do you see IoTeX having a role in home surveillance and home automation some day — and of what kind?
To be honest, I don’t have a strong feeling about the bear market in the past year since we have been so focused on building things :) I am an early bitcoin investor and user and tell me about the bear markets — bitcoin has been through many much tougher market situations and it is true that a blockchain project (including its token) becomes valuable only after being through tough times! In terms of the technical challenge, it is an interesting topic. We used to have lots of internal discussions around the technical roadmap — opinion 1 is to develop a useful blockchain by focusing more on the application/user-facing features while option 2 is to focus on the moonshot features which will likely not useful in the near term but important for the future. Both of them are legit and great. I would think option 1 may partly because the aforementioned “bear market” made people more realistic and desperately want a landing case for blockchain. Still, we decide to go for option 2 since we are an ambitious project for changing the world. The biggest one to come this year and beyond is decentralization — I feel like the industry focus is slightly off the right track as it puts too much attention on scalability technologies such as sharding — for which I think it is totally wrong. The blockchain is only valuable cuz it provides low-cost trust which roots in the decentralization. If one wants a fast system, there are many such as cassandra and kafka. Blockchain is not meant to be fast, at least the layer 1 chain. Yes! Device identity and trusted data are the two concrete things we are working on rewarding IoT+blockchain. We have quite a few inbound requests from home surveillance manufacturers and companies around these two.
Can you explain better so that the token is used IoTeX Foundation and Ecosystem? Could you update the amount of available foundation and Ecosystem tokens? Why are not the foundation and Ecosystem tokens used for new associations? Any explanation of the current status of the iotex project? Do you plan to sell OTC iotex tokens? In that case, what provision of tokens are available for sale. Why is not iotex published in more media crypto and YouTubers? What idea of ​​expansion is there currently, globally, which countries are you most interested in? How many fairs of iot and crypto do you plan to go to in 2019 and 2020? How many companies have contacted you interested in security iot? How many staff resources do you currently have? How much available capital is there for the project? People are procured with the alts, in what position do you think is iotex as a project, from 1 to 10? Why do you think iotex is better than similar projects? Do you have a board of directors, how often do you meet? Early stage venture capital investors, is there any of them that joins the board of directors and decisions? How can big investors contribute to iotex? He thinks it would be interesting to buy more tokens from venture capital investors. Do you communicate with new venture capitalists and other iot companies to buy iotex tokens?
Thanks for such a list of thorough questions. The Binance Research Report will have some concrete numbers for some of the questions here; let me address them from a high level. IOTX is used for governance (through staking/voting), utility (like gas in Ethereum) and operating of subchains in IoTeX Network. Please see the Binance Report for concrete numbers of tokens allocation. One change we made recently is to distribute last trance of the private-sale tokens in July (which is already done) according to Otherwise, everything else stays the same. Foundation and ecosystem tokens will be used for incubating new projects/initiatives on top of IoTeX network. We received some ideas and applications already and are selecting which are the ones we want to start with. We have no plans to sell IOTX via OTC. Any interested investors can buy from the secondary market. We are focusing on building :) As the project gets more well-established, we are talking about ourselves more on media, conferences and etc.. We already have enough number of inbound queries from IoT companies to start with. We are a team of 30+ people and most of us are engineers and scientists. For procuring of tokens, I cannot give financial advice. IoTeX has an ambitious vision and solid execution, it is a great project. We have few advisors from IoT industry, academia and venture side, and we meet roughly once a month. We are open to strategic investors especially the ones coming with industry resources. We are working with some of them but cannot disclose the details for now.
What role do you think IOTEX will play in making blockchain highly adaptable in the worldwide stage?
IoTeX’s role is clear — it connects the physical world and the blockchain world by leveraging the machines/devices and things. To make it highly adaptable, IoTeX has this blockchains-in-blockchain structure that we encourage applications/scenarios to have their specific subchains that acting like adapters to specific verticals. It is interesting to see that Polkadot adopts similar designs which they call parachains.
Where do you and the team see the world of blockchain being in years to come, and how will $vita change the landscape of the cryptocurrency space in years to come? What do you think is the biggest problem Team will solve that no other project is solving now, and why is the problem important to solve?
Connecting the physical world with the blockchain world is a huge trend in the next 5 years. VITA’s mission is to engage the community and make crypto super easy to use for normal people in this world, so it is another way to connect the physical world with the blockchain world. The important problem is “how to connect physical and blockchain worlds”. This is super important: 1. The physical world needs a parallel virtual world to enable programmability and automation for lots of things; 2. The blockchain world needs to have an impact on physical world to demonstrate its value and generate revenue potentially. There are very few projects working on this now, e.g., chainlink takes a great first step on this. IoTeX continuously pushing this forward.
When you look back to the day you guys started IoTeX, are you guys satisfied with the progress you have made? When you say IoTeX is a truly private blockchain, how do you think it is better than other private blockchain implementations in the industry?
I am super impressed by the progress of the team — we started with three co founders and we now have 30 employees all over the world and ~100K people in our community in 18 months; we started with a whitepaper and now we have a decentralized, stable and performant public blockchain already processed 1million transactions and every line of code of this blockchain is written by us, no fork, no clone. IoTeX project has been highly recognized in the industry by top exchanges, top institutional investors and top companies in internet and IoT industry. Very different. If you look at the privacy-focused blockchains as Monero, Zcash and Grin — they are all slow, hard to use (like in Grin, sender and receiver should cosign a message before transferring coins) and has limited privacy (like monero has limited anonymity set). Most importantly, they set a high bar for developers and users to embrace this privacy technology. What we want is to set a privacy-preserving enabled platform so users and developers can enjoy using it without hassling with the hardcore techniques underlying. Also compared to ZKP, ring-sig approaches, our TEE-based approach provides faster and easier user experience.
What killer features has IoTeX that are ahead of the competition and how does IOTEX intend to open up the technology to the community and to researchers so it can be continuously improved on?
In short, PoS-based decentralization and TEE-based trusted computing are the two killer features of IoTeX. The former one is in production, and we are welcome anyone to join our Delegate Program! The second one is still under R&D stage and we will gradually open to the community once features are stabilized.
Is it possible to introduce such an option as re-delegation of profit (type of reinvestment) so that the coins are not sent to the delegate’s purse but are automatically delegated, implementing the concept of compound interest.
Hah, this is the second time I received such a requirement! This is something definitely technically feasible and let me pass this back to my PM as they are building an auto reward-distribution service for all delegates and this could be one fancy feature.
1. Do you guys worry when the price of your token goes down in the market and try something to bring it up? 2. Why did you made the Vita token pre-mined? 3. Do you believe adding Blockfolio, Citex as delegates will benefit Iotex in the long run?
A little bit since we do not let our supporters suffer; but not too much since we know it will pick up in the near future. Basically to me, the “blue chip” age in the crypto market is coming or already came. Great projects with an ambitious vision and solid execution are getting more attention from the market. VITA is not pre-mined, as the purpose is to create a fair token for everyone to enjoy. We have no intention to do fundraising using it. Yes, if you look at our delegates they are really coming from different sectors — community/media, tech, investors, exchanges/wallets, developers, ambassadors. All of them are contributing and make IoTeX a prosperous ecosystem! Check to see who they are
I saw that IoTeX is currently holding its first network-wide vote via smart contract. Why is such community engagement important for IoTeX and what role will this type of voting play going forward? What kind of decisions do you think is important from IoTeX to put to the community?
Great question. Decentralization is the soul of a blockchain. Every shareholder’s opinion is important to us! We will have more voting events like this regarding how to grow tech, community, token economics and etc..
What’s your outlook on the future of cryptocurrencies? What can we do to keep increasing adoption?
We long both crypto and the world! We identify ourselves as the connector of the physical world and blockchain world, which will have massive adoption.
Can you explain why IoTeX is unique and how you expand your project?
IoTeX’s role is clear — it connects the physical world and the blockchain world by leveraging the machines/devices and things. PoS-based decentralization and TEE-based trusted computing are the two killer features of IoTeX.
What other platforms (if any) are you and your team working on to expand blockchain development and technologies?
We are exclusively focused on IoTeX Network for now but we use different techniques/tools to make it better such as graphql, typescript, tee and etc..
Hello, I’m just a newbie in this current new world, what’s your plan to expand/grab knowledge about cryptocurrency especially for IOTEX project? is definitely a great place to start. We will also launch our codelabs in a few weeks which would be a great place for starters. You can also check out lots of useful resources here
How do you see the project develop in 3–5 years from now, both business wise & company wise? What are the plans to expand in different regions? Will you outsource the team/skills or keep it centralized and set up offices?
The past 18 months is a great start for the project and we are working even harder since then. This year we aim to finish most of the tech foundation (blockchain + trusted computing); 2020 will be one year we focus on some use cases — device identity, trusted collecting of IoT data, trusted storage of data and compute. Second half of 2020, we will focus on commercialization of such as the data marketplace on top of our technologies. In terms of where to start, we found out that Asian and Europe are most passionate about IoT that’s where we will likely to push first. Decentralization is the soul of the blockchain, both at operation level (e.g., delegates) and organization level (e.g., diversified team and decentralized offices). We are always trying to make IoTeX more decentralized and we would love to have believers to join us no matter from where!
Why iotx doesnt spend more time to promote more news about the project?
We are focusing on building :) As the project gets more well-established, we are talking about ourselves more.
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An in depth post about and

Note: This is not a FUD post so don't be alarmed. But never trust strangers on the internet and always, DYOR! I've tried to list all steps to replicate my findings inline.
Just a heads up guys I did my own research of the domain names.

The Research:

Whois for is:
Chengdu Kucoin Technology Co., Ltd.
Whois for is:
Kucoin Technology Co., Ltd.
HOWEVER, anybody who owns the domain can make anything up in those fields.
Comparing DNS records:
KuCoin has IP address of which translates to Amazon Web Servers in Japan.| DNS points to another DNS at ( Which is some kind of weird AliBaba Web Application Firewall service. I'm guessing it's likes Alibaba's version of Amazon Web Services.
If I look at DNS changes over time is where things get interesting:
(Download and view these images side by side if you like.) was first created on 2002, in 2013. Around 2007 Kubi starting using a DNS from Around 2016 KuCoin also used a DNS from (but not the same ones, two different servers). Around 2015 Kubi starting using DNS from and around 2015 KuCoin was using the exact same DNS addresses. This would mean that both sites were most likely hosted on the same server.
On Aug 11, 2017, KuCoin switched to using for DNS. On Aug 23, 2017 switched to using the exact same DNS.
So to conclude, I do think these websites are run by the same people. You can validate yourself using
This does not mean anything shady is going on, however. The KuCoin team could very well have been doing another project in China which they chose to close down.
I was a little worried that the screenshot I attached showed being hosted on AliBaba servers (a Chinese company) but I just think the records on that site ( are out of date. I did a fresh whois on and got: 456 IN CNAME 60 IN A 60 IN A 
(You can check yourself by doing "whois" in your computers terminal window (if you run Mac or Linux).
I checked on Amazon's AWS website and this is an AWS "load balancer" in the "Asia Pacific (Tokyo)" region. (You can check yourself here:
So there you have it.

My Conclusions:

  1. is or was probably managed by the KuCoin team. It may have even been a predecessor to KuCoin. It's still running on Chinese Alibaba servers but I can't read Chinese and don't know what it's about.
  2. Around 2015, the two sites did probably share the same server.
  3. is currently running on Amazon Web Servers in Japan, out of Chinese control.
  4. F these FUDers, they probably have an agenda. Though they are probably correct in stating that and were run by the same company, though they draw incredible conclusions about it.
  5. There is a ton of ways to make lots of quick money off of us if the KuCoin team were greedy/evil and knew they were "running out of time" before the Chinese took them down. Continuously adding new tokens and running promotions would not be one of them. Neither is shutting down the referral program. If I were the KuCoin team and I really wanted to cheat everybody I would tell you we are gonna do a special "2x referrals for the next 2 weeks" or something and then cash out everyone's wallets before that happens, not tell people we are closing new referrals.
  6. Lastly, if the Chinese translation one of the FUDers posted is true, whoever runs gave people plenty of time to move their coins off kubi—nothing appeared shady at all. They didn't steal them or run or anything.
  7. The fact that moved from AliBaba web servers to Amazon Japan web servers (some time between Aug 11, 2017 and today) also shows me that they are moving away from Chinese influence. runs on AWS servers in Japan just like Binance does. Binance, the #2 exchange in the world (by volume) is also a Chinese company that voluntarily moved out before they were forced to just like KuCoin. Also, if you didn't know Bitcoin is now an official legal payment method in Japan.

Some additional positive stats for ya:

Whoever the FUDers are the key way to battle them is to keep hodling and valuing your KuCoins! As many people already said buy the dip before they do. We got this, ya'll.
To all the FUDers out there:
Long live KuCoin.
EDIT: I just found an Oct 18, 2017 article here from that confirms everything I found above:
"Kucoin is a new Hong Kong based exchange that began operations last month, with support for both NEO and GAS markets. Originally launched as in China, the company moved their operations to Hong Kong, after regulators forced all Chinese-based exchanges to shut down. Kucoin has since shifted their attention to serve the international market."
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03-23 01:12 - ', ZBG, BW Announces First LaunchPad with V SYSTEMS by Sunny King' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/SaralYukihira removed from /r/Bitcoin within 34-44min


Hong Kong, 21 March 2019 — World leading cryptocurrency exchanges, ZBG, BW have announced the LaunchPad Program and its first coin sale partnership with V SYSTEMS, a blockchain project spearheaded by the creator of Proof of Stake consensus, Sunny King. It will be the first coin sale partnership conducted by, ZBG, BW LaunchPads, which offer token listing and all-round consulting services for projects. V SYSTEMS coin sale will be launched on 27 March 2019.
A coin sale partnership is organized with an exchange platform acting as intermediary between the token issuer and interested contributors. Unlike traditional token sales which usually involve complicated on-chain transactions, contributors can simply register an account on the exchange and buy the token directly from the exchange platform. Many leading exchanges including Binance, OkEx and Huobi have already launched dedicated LaunchPad programs. BitTorrent recently held an LaunchPad with Binance Launchpad and successfully raised US $7.2 million in around 18 minutes.
Given the stake on reputation, exchanges usually perform strict due diligence and select only promising ventures to partner for a coin sale partnership. By partnering with one of the top 10 exchanges in the world, V SYSTEMS has received yet another strong signal of trust from the cryptocurrency community, after having [listed its VSYS Coin]1 on top exchanges including Bitfinex and KuCoin earlier this year.
V SYSTEMS is a blockchain database cloud project led by Sunny King, the creator of Proof of Stake consensus. The project will deliver the world’s first object-oriented general purpose distributed database, which is empowered to carry complex decentralized applications. By utilizing its newly developed Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism, V SYSTEMS is building a platform to deliver cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-develop blockchains.
Speaking on the partnership, CEO of V SYSTEMS, Dr Alex Yang, said, “We’re honored to partner with, ZBG and BW for the coin sale. Removing the entry barrier will be a major step in pushing forward the materialization of Sunny King’s vision. We envision the partnership to not only encourage the adoption of VSYS Coin, but also further promote the coin leasing functionality where coin holders simultaneously govern the blockchain and earn minting rewards as incentives.”
V SYSTEMS coin sale is set to launch on 27 March, with a supply of 45 million VSYS Coins on, ZBG and BW LaunchPads.
# # #
LaunchPad Announcements by, ZBG, BW: []2 | [ZBG]3 | [BW]4
V SYSTEMS is a blockchain database cloud project led by Sunny King, the inventor of Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus. By delivering Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS), the next step in freeing consensus from Proof of Work’s costly link to energy consumption, V SYSTEMS is building a platform to deliver cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-develop blockchains.
In addition to SPoS, V SYSTEMS is focused on three further pillars of development toward universal scalable blockchains: decentralized full-featured databases for storing object-oriented data; cloud and modular tools to enable developers to create custom blockchains efficiently; and VSYS Coins, which enable participation in the V SYSTEMS platform development process by providing access to network services and incentives. The project will deliver the world’s first object-oriented general purpose decentralized database to carry complex decentralized applications.
Official website: [[link]8
Whitepaper of V SYSTEMS: [[link]9
''', ZBG, BW Announces First LaunchPad with V SYSTEMS by Sunny King
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How to trade bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies Using coinut

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